Vintage Scottish and French Brass Horse Bridle Medallions

Horse lovers....see these! They are from 1870 and one of them has quite the story behind it. The one that says Gretna Green is from a darling old town in the south of Scotland known for its run away weddings. What a charming story to tell your fellow riders as your horse wears this piece on its head with pride. I also love the Scottish thistle in the center. The second one is for French Rooster lovers as I am (it is the national bird of France) Both are delightful and as noted in the photo would make into a fun napkin holder if you wish.

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Size: the rooster is 8 x7 cms or 2.75 x3.25 inches

the gretna green is 10 x 7 cms or 3.75 x2.75 inches