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French Bee Bon Voyage!

Travel with the French Bee hostess, Priscilla George, to her home in the magical Loire Valley of France.  Discover the amazingly beautiful and almost untouched by time Valley of the Kings. This area of France is full of the Grand Chateaux, award winning wines, picturesque little villages and huge brocantes fairs (like flea markets or boot sales) to spend hours in finding that rare souvenir to take back home. Priscilla's French home resides in one of these picturesque little villages, complete with fresh goods from the very nearby butcher and baker. The wine of her region is the very rare and small Jasnieres appellation with prized Chenin Blanc. This tour is very personal, as she will let you in on the way she lives in her village, her favorite restaurants and sites, her favorite places to shop, and you will be delighted with wonderful meals served at a family table every day. One of the days will be spent at a cookery class, taught by her friend, a retired Michelin starred chef in his kitchen. You will also get to explore two or more of the grand Chateaux that make this region so very popular. Each day will be full of exploration, delight and wonder at the beauty that surrounds her valley. Bring 3 of your friends, or vacation as 2 couples and experience what most people only dream about. 

Price: $2650.00 per person  Because there is such a small group for each tour (only 4 persons), the total fee is due upon making your reservation.  A full 100% refund of your tour price will be given within 30 days of making your reservation, provided that your reservation is made 75 days prior to your flight date or start of your tour.  After the initial 30 day period, your tour fee is refundable at 50% of the tour price, or $1325.00.  Once you are within 45 days of the first date of your tour, your tour fee is non-refundable. Therefore, please completely read the below tour information to ensure you are truly desiring this trip of a lifetime prior to reserving your space on the tour. Please e-mail me first (see email listed below) and let me know that you are committed with 3 other tour members. If you do not have 3 others ready to travel with you, or are traveling solo or with another person, you will need to wait till we have a full booking of 4 prior to proceeding with making your reservation. Thanks so much for your correspondence with me in advance. 

If you are excited to come on this amazing Tour and wish to book your trip with me, you need to FIRST, email me at to see if there is availability. Hopefully there will be 3 others that want to join you and we can hold either of the weeks for the 4 persons. If you are a traveling single you may have to wait to book your week as we need to have 4 persons for each Tour week to take place. I will let you know by email when you are able to reserve your week and then you can go to the Bon Voyage Bookings section of the site and put in your deposit. It is best if you are traveling with a group of 3 that you know, that all of them book their deposits at the same time. Then your week is held directly for you and your traveling partners.

Two Tour trips a year:  April 27th, 2019 thru May 6th, 2019  and September 21st, 2019 to September 30th, 2019  (if you want to inquire about 2020 trips at the same time of year please email me in contact section)

What this price includes:

* one round trip train ticket per person to and from CDG airport to St. Pierre Des Corps train station where you will be picked up by your hostess. 

* rental car that will be provided and driven by your hostess and the gas to fill it

* each person will be limited to one small carry on and one medium suitcase for the trip. Cars are smaller in France and even a large van can not fit 5-6 people and all their huge luggage, so pack wisely. 

* lodging for all of the 9 nights in Priscilla's beautiful country home (pictures of rooms below) each with an individual full size or larger bed, small closet area and small sitting area in each room. 

* the bathroom is as follows...there is one full bath complete with two sinks, shower/tub combo and toilet, the second is a half/bath with sink and toilet only. This is very typical for a French house that is over 150 years old.  Therefore, the need to be willing to share the shower in the morning or evening will be a necessity.  Most people find this very easy to do and there is plenty of space and mirrors in each room for getting ready after the shower or bath. 

* a hair dryer for Europe and curling and flat iron are available. In France, energy is highly maintained in the home, so there is not the opportunity to run all electrics at the same time, so the need for timeliness in getting ready will be stressed. 

* all breakfasts will be provided, some will be simple pastry and coffee or tea and juice and others will be more grand with eggs and meat or crepes and meat. Since our days will be full of activity; we will need to have breakfast over and done with by 10 am every morning unless otherwise instructed. 

* 7 dinners will be provided and eaten in the large family dining area. All dinners will be prepared by Priscilla. Please let her know if there are huge allergies to something. She will not be cooking vegetarian meals, unfortunately, if you need only vegetarian the price will rise for that individual as it is difficult to accommodate all the tastes. The dinners will include 2 bottles of wine per table for each night and if you want more you will have to pay extra for each bottle consumed. Some of the dinners will be light (i.e. salad or soup) as some of the days we will eat a heavy lunch. Dinners at the house will be served every night between 7:30 and 8:00 pm which is the French custom.

* 7 nights of Aperos (pre dinner nibbles) including one bottle of champagne per night for the 4 people and if you would like extra there will be a charge per bottle. It's delicious so count on wanting a bit more!  Aperos will be served every night about 2 hours before dinner. 

* 5 lunches are included and some will be picnic style in the French countryside, water, sparkling water or iced tea are included.

* Chateaux visit admission tickets, there will be two Grand Chateaux visits, in some cases three depending on the week you choose to visit. If there is a third visit this cost will be on each guest the pricing is normally no more than $20 per person. 

* wine tasting and wine cave tour. This is a fascinating day to taste exceptional Chenin Blanc wine and tour a wine cave that has huge history and is more that 250 meters deep. 

* Full day cookery class, with my dear friend and Michelin starred retired chef Mike. He will instruct you in English, in his amazing country kitchen in Saumer France and you will together prepare a fabulous 5 course meal that you will then eat along with he and his lovely wife in there amazing dining room along with wine from the region and dessert. You will take home with you a full packet of all the recipes and instructions from the day. This day also includes a small coffee and pasterie when we arrive. 

* some packaging and wrapping supplies for anything you may have bought along the way to be packed back in your baggage. If things are too big for you to carry home, you can ship them home via the postal service in France.  There is a fee for this that is not included in package price of trip. 

What is not included in the package price of the trip:

* your round-trip airfare from home of record to the CDG airport Paris, France. 

* travel insurance for both your health and the price of your trip, this needs to bought ahead of time and proof of insurance must be provided. While traveling, if you are struck with an illness that needs doctor or hospital care or if you have a small accident like tripping or falling you will need to have insurance to cover any trips to the doctor or hospital. Also, please be aware! There are stairs in Priscilla's home and all participants on the trip need to be in good health for stairs, as the bedrooms are all upstairs and for long walks as the brocantes and chateaux are vast and require lots of walking. You will also need to get from your landing area at CDG to the large grand line train station that is also in CDG but a good distance from the landing and baggage area. This is where you will pick up the train line to travel from CDG to St. Pierre des Corps train station where you will be picked up. The travel insurance should also cover if you become very ill or there is a death in the family and you need to cancel or return home and change your ticket times. 

* any transfer fares or taxi fares you incure on your way back to Paris, if you decide to stay on longer and visit the sites of Paris at the end of your stay. 

* any meals that we eat out, which will be about 2 dinners out and 3 maybe 4 lunches out you will need to pay for all food and drinks at this time. Also any snacks you wish to have between meals or while we are on brocantes tours or at the chateaux visits. Meals are not expensive in this area of France like there are in Paris, so the most you will be spending on either lunch or dinner per meal and per person would be not more than about 65 American dollars. 

* any extra wine or champagne consumed at the house over and above the allotment for each dinner and apero time each day. 

* any souvenirs you buy along the way and any fees that would be charged to you for the shipping of these pieces you buy back to your home of record. I can provide information on how small items may be shipped. 

Sample Itinerary:  

Friday of the trip: Fly over night from home of record to CDG Paris, France

Saturday of the trip: Arrive early CDG Paris Airport, customs control, baggage pick up and then head to Grand Line Trains station within CDG airport. Take the train with ticket issued to St. Pierre Des Corps, France where hostess will meet you and drive you to Village home. 

Saturday afternoon: unpack, small lunch, rest a bit, walk around village, aperos and dinner. 

Sunday: Breakfast, brocante shopping, picnic and dinner out at a lovely restaurant in next village

Monday: Breakfast, Wine tasting and cave tour, visit chateau Le Lude and have a picnic, wrap what was bought at brocante,  aperos and dinner

Tuesday: small breakfast, Lunch at a gourmet restaurant near Blois, France, shopping in Blois's medieval town area, then aperos and light dinner (lunch is over 5 courses) 

Wednesday of your trip: for the April tour group this is a holiday and we go to a grand brocante of over 300 vendors. walking shoes and picnic required. these are so fun. Aperos and dinner back at the house. For the September tour group, a trip to the darling village of Amboise France, lunch out and a fantastic tour of the grand dame herself chateau Chenonceaux. Then aperos and dinner at home.

Thursday of the trip: Breakfast, lunch at the darling little restaurant 10 mins away, a tour of my nearby neighboring villages with churchs and chateau ruins. Apero and dinner at home.

Friday of your trip: leave to Saumer France, all day cooking class with chef Mike, huge 5 course late afternoon meal. Drive back and a late small dinner meal. 

Second Saturday of the trip: Breakfast, a trip to Tours, France and visit to Les Halles, very fun bring your camera the foods are beautiful.  Visit the grand Cathedral, lunch in Tours and finish with an amazing visit to the gardens of Villandry. Lots of walking this day and photos. 

Sunday final day before you leave: another brocantes day of fun shopping in the countryside of France and picnic complete with some wine and then home to pack it all, pizza out in the village.

Monday: early morning to the train from St. Pierre des Corps and back to CDG. there is only one train time early morning to take to CDG. We need for you to be on it so you don't miss a flight. 

Les Vacances No Complaint policy:

One final thought for the French Bee Bon Voyage tours: this is a trip of a lifetime for many of the lovely people that I have the pleasure of entertaining in my personal home and in my beloved countryside of France. It is always sad for me when I find someone who is constantly complaining about some small thing on their trip. My husband and I have always looked at the opportunity to travel and see things that few get to see as a true privilege and delight. Yes, from time to time there are bumps in the path that we are not responsible for...i.e.: French strikes or the weather....! Please know it is my desire at French Bee Tours to give to you the trip of a lifetime, full of amazing memories, delicious food, exceptional wines and views of the precious historic treasures of France. So, please before you agree to come along with me on this special tour, take the time to promise yourself that there will be no complaining.


"I love traveling with Priscilla's Bon Voyage Tour, as she makes everything so much fun. Her thoughtfully planned days in the Loire Valley included venues such a visiting a breathtaking chateau or shopping at a local Brocante, in a charming village, or strolling thru an amazing garden. Lunches were either a picnic along a picturesque river or a favorite restaurant, often Michelin Starred. The evening meals that were served in her lovely home were divine. She is a wonderful hostess and cook, and has many so many of my tours with her into special memories I treasure.  Sue E. Bellevue, WA

My boyfriend and I had the privilege of taking one of Priscilla's Tours to the Loire Valley, last Spring. Priscilla's warmth, knowledge and hospitality made our trip extraordinary! From arrival to departure Priscilla insured that each moment of our trip was filled with unique adventures, private sightseeing and wine tasting tours and the most incredible 5 star dining experiences one could ask for. Priscilla mapped an itinerary for us that was a perfect mix of activity and relaxation. We can't wait to return. Kevin and Laura, Sandy Hook, CT