You don't know you need this.....

15 Feb

You don't know you need this wonderful piece of French history until you see how I can repurpose it for you. 

I tell my interior design clients this all the time. I also tell it to myself if I have fallen in love with a certain piece in a French antiques window and have no earthly idea where and when I might use it. But....nine times out of ten if I don't buy the one of a kind piece I kick myself later for not grabbing it.  I still have an ache in my heart for two adorable little wall shelves that I should have bought and passed up on because of the lack of space in my suitcases.  I could have saved them at the French house to bring home to America at another time. Ahhhhh…..C'est la vie! 

Truly my website friends, I would love for you to have the pleasure to purchase one of my pieces on French Bee Boutique and let me have the opportunity to give you ideas of how to use it. There are so many ways to repurpose pieces, the creative challenges are endless. 

In the past I have used old Le Creuset pans as darling colorful planters. I have used darling rustic ladders as bookshelves and racks on walls to hold small antiques, and racks to hang warm blankets. I have used old mirrors as centerpieces for tables with books and vases and candle sticks stacked on top. The way the light carries from them is fantastic. I love, love old books, they add the lifts and levels we need for balance of a small object with a bigger one. Old books add color to a white marble top and they add texture in there warm leather bindings. I have taken French zinc watering cans and made fantastic vases for large arrangements...if there is a hole in the bottom you just cut off the top of liter plastic jug and set it in the container for use to hold the water. 

Also, another great tip for table dressing for a party is don't ever be afraid to mix and match your French silver flatware, I have hundreds of darling French tea spoons, they are useful and perfect to mix and match with other pieces. Another tip... layering your dishes in similar colors but different patterns is a fantastic way to go from flat to fabulous at the table. There are so many choices and so much variation when filling a lovely table for a party....its my favorite part of prepping for the event.

 So take a look one more time at the timeless pieces available on this website and then think to can I repurpose that piece or those pieces in a way that says..."wow, I never thought of using it quite like that". You might surprise yourself and if you are still perplexed, email me and I will be delighted to offer some creative ideas. 

Make your day count! All the best,

The Queen Bee

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