La Vie en Rose

06 Sep

The fragrance of this last summer in my beloved France is still clearly in my mind. Even though it was one of the hottest summers on record in France, it was for me and my companions one of the sweetest ever. The memories we shared and the spectacular moments of pure delight, in the gifts of the day, were just perfection. To say the least....the fragrance of France was intoxicating and lingers with me as I continue to inhale the remembrance of time that pass almost in slow motion in my little village of France. This fragrance reminded me of the many roses I pass on either walks in my small garden or in the vast chateaux gardens in the Loire Valley. Some of the roses you pass are as fragrant and sweet smelling as they are beautiful and others carry no scent at all. So...I got to thinking about roses and people. How do I want to be remembered during the day? In my business as an Interior Designer and Antiques dealer, it is in my job description to look the part and dress appropriately. Therefore, 9 times out of 10 I dress the part....but do I leave a fragrance behind? People can look amazing on the outside but the minute they open their mouth, there is nothing said to make you remember them. No intoxicating fragrance left behind as they leave your presence. It’s sad really, I want to be so loving on the inside that all I do with all those I meet daily is leave a memory of delight and joy. I want to be the Rose that not only is captivating. but fragrant in every way. We all know the adage....about the rose fading and loosing its bloom. As, I age I can feel this happening, but just because it’s fading a bit does not mean the fragrance is dying as well. That essence can last so long it creates a memory on people’s hearts and minds. When I was a child my mother used to let me take all the fallen rose petals from the garden and boil them in water on the stove, thus creating my own sweet rose water as a fun children's version of expensive perfume. I can still smell that fragrance coming off the stove. So...what am I trying to say in this “be a light” blog.... I need to ask myself daily???? Am I leaving a trail of sweet smelling perfume and fragrance in my daily work and walk? I have no fragrance at all, do I have a beautiful façade, but no essence to leave people with a sweet memory of the moments they spent time with me? If we all tried to share more of an intoxicating fragrance and less of a toxic mess, the world would be more like walking thru an amazing garden full sweet smelling Roses that leave you more captivated by their aroma, than they do their outward appearance. "Come to my garden and linger awhile for the sweet perfume of life is hidden there"

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