04 Nov

"Beauty is not flawless it shines through its flaws" I saw this quote the other day and thought long and hard about what I love about antiques. I realized I love antiques because they have flaws. The flaws are what show their age, give them their character, tell where they have been. In this age we are privileged to live in we unfortunately are pushed from every side to be flawless. In our looks...her skin is flawless. With our talents....that piano piece was flawless. In our work....his presentation was flawless. In our homes...her décor was flawless. But, in the antiques world you must have a really good eye to see the flaws that are right there in front of you and look past them, and understand that the flaws are what give it its character, they are what speaks to you about the life it has lived. 

I love to imagine...where has this 400 year old piece been? Where did it reside? What home? What church? On whose wall did it hang? Or whose table did it grace? Who used it to serve their family, or what vintage wine did it hold? When pieces are 3 or 4 or 5 hundred years old like you find in Europe, it is gonna have flaws. But, these little reminders of its amazing past give its value,its talkability. 

Each piece that I choose to go in my own home or for you to buy for yours or for a family member has character that speaks. Especially the paintings and the etchings. In fact when I buy these I usually, in my minds eye try to imagine a small story that goes with them. The French etchings usually have a story all there own that has a bit of whimsy or tell of a lovers moment....those are easy to read. But, what of the pieces of the single women, the quiet gentleman or the young family. How do these tell you their story. What was the artist trying to say.

Here is the wonderful part, you my friend, you get to add to your chosen pieces history! It will continue its rich life, its history with you. Someday in the future...it will speak to someone else of knowing you. 

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