Created with a Purpose

16 Sep

This blog is so named because it is what I encouraged my daughters with everyday before leaving for school...I hope you find encouragement on the pages of this monthly blog for your life!

"By knowledge the rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures." - Proverbs

When I was a child one of my favorite things to do was to build Barbie's house. I would use card board boxes, lots of tape and many levels. The walls would of course be designed with either left over wallpaper that my mom might have saved, or she would let me have a small can of paint and paint brush for the décor. There would even be small sets of stairs and cutouts for doors. I would have a little kitchen for Barbie using more repurposed boxes, usually from the trash, like butter boxes or the old oatmeal box. Handles, knobs, pulls and stove top decoration would be made from old buttons found in my Mom's button box or from nails and screws found on the floor of my father's workshop. When I was 5 my Mom gave me for Christmas a real working, yet tiny Singer sewing machine and taught me to sew. Now Barbie could have blankets, bedding, pillows and cushions for her card board beds and sofas. Designing for Barbie was a joy for me and filled my little girl days with creative ideas. 

In life I don't believe anything is by chance, yes, I am a believer in our paths being lade out before us...of course we have choices to make and those choices good or bad lead to our joy or our justice. 

I also believe we are all gifted with innate abilities, mine thankfully as an Interior Designer, for a the ability to see the vision for something before it is created. So whether I was designing for Barbie or for one of my real life clients as an adult, this ability to create beautiful spaces, "filling peoples homes with rare and beautiful treasures" is my joy and gives me great fulfillment. 

I hope with all my heart that the choices you make on your path today bring you joy and that you treasure your abilities.

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